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LEGNOX S.p.A. is born from the enterprising spirit of mr. Lorenzo Bucciol, which has been guiding him for over 30 years in the production of furniture components. In the last years, the same spirit has inspired mr. Bucciol to create the AdattoCasa brand, a line of home furniture and accessories that finds its natural environment in the bathroom. 

Quality, design, service, accessibility, research and  development are the points on which this new offer is founded. The AdattoCasa collections allow for the personalisation of any type of bathroom, thanks to the number of available compositions and finishes.

The b-easy brand is aimed at the semplification of the idea of bathroom, and proposes simple furniture compositions that satisfy every customer without renouncing to quality.


Average lead time for EU countries: 2 weeks

50 employees
50% export towards 23 countries
150 square meters of the AdattoCasa concept store
240 daily production of bathroom furniture
250 square meters of the AdattoCasa showroom in Gorgo al Monticano
20,000 square meters of production area


Legnox is a certified company for the use of wood from responsible sources (FSC® and PEFC™).

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